Hitesh Kakati is a retired teacher who lives with his wife Manorama Kakati happily in a small town. Their son, newly married Arunav, stays in Delhi with his non-Assamese wife. Both the son and daughter-in-law are very dear to Hitesh and Manorama Kakati, and they too love their parents a lot. But, the situation gradually changes when Arunav comes home during Magh Bihu and tells Manorama, a major problem which he is facing in his professional life. Manorama becomes tensed after knowing Arunav’s crisis and plans to help him in her own way. On the other hand, Manorama always notes down her monthly activities in a yearly calendar gifted by Kakati on New Year. She marks every event in that particular calendar with a circle mentioning the event name. But she marks a few dates with circles without mentioning anything, which then leads to the exploring of a different tale, devastating Hitesh Kakati.


Malaya Goswami
In a career spanning more than three decades, Malaya Goswami has captivated the audiences through her performances on screen. She won the National Award for Best Actress in 1991 for her brilliant performance in Firingoti. She’s the first Assamese to win the National Award for Best Actor (Female). Ms Goswami is playing the lead role as Manorama Kakati in Calendar.
Arun Nath
A well respected and veteran figure in the Assamese film arena for more than three decades, Arun Nath is known for his calm demeanor and natural acting skills. One of the most popular artists in the Assamese film industry and a versatile genius, he’s playing the lead role as Hitesh Kakati in Calendar.
Gunjan Bhardwaj
Gunjan is one of the most popular faces in Assamese film and television industry in recent times. A versatile actor Gunjan had played the lead roles in many popular Assamese feature films such as Ahetuk, TRP Aru, and upcoming films such as Tumi Ahibane, Eraxutir Dhol, Priyar Priyo and many more.
Rimjhim Deka
With an acting background, Rimjhim was associated with many award winning popular dramas. She also played important roles in different critically acclaimed Assamese films.

Crew Members

Himjyoti Talukdar
Director, Producer, Story & Screenplay
Calendar is the debut direction of Himjyoti. Known as a movie fanatic, Himjyoti with his attention to details has put in every effort to make his own story as simple and as beautiful to recreate it visually. Earlier he was the story & screenplay writer of critically acclaimed Assamese film Marksheet. He’s also the founder of internationally acclaimed web project
Dikhit Das
Director of Photography & Producer
The man behind the camera, Dikhit is known for his fascination with the camera. Over 5 years of experience in the field of films and television, Dikhit has been a part of many interesting projects both national as well as international. He along with the director has dedicated to make ‘Calendar’ a visual treat for the audiences.
Tarali Sarma
One of the most popular singers Tarali Sarma won the National Award for Best Female Playback Singer in the year 2004 for the film “Akashitorar Kothare”. She has also made her mark as a music director for many award winning feature films, telefilms, teleserials and documentaries.
Jhulan Krishna Mahanta
Associate Director & Screenplay
Having a brilliant knowledge in the filmmaking, Jhulan has been associated with the Assamese film industry for a long time He directed the film Nodi Matho Boi as a debut director.
Santanu Rowmuria
A script writer and lyricist, Santanu is associated with the screenplay part of Calendar. Having a long experience in Assamese entertainment industry he has penned down scripts & lyrics for many Assamese films and TV serials.
Debajit Gayan
Debajit has worked as a production sound mixer, sound designer in more than eighteen feature films including few internationally acclaimed feature films. He received the Assam State Film Best Audiography Award in the year 2015 for the film Orong.

Co-Producers : Subhas Bora, Trinayan Bora, Dambarudhar Das, Jyotirmoyee Shree, Arunav Gogoi, Abhigyan Borah, Anindya Barua, Dhanjit Kalita
Executive Producers : Partha Mahanta, JP Nath
DOP Asst. : Pratush Bharali
Direction Asst. : Dimpy Deka
Motion Graphics : Deepjyoti Handique, Ajay Chetia
Singer : Siddharth Hazarika
Lyrics : Tarali Sarma, Shantanu Rowmuria
Title Logo : Samudra Kajal Saikia
Sound Asst. : Rukmajit Baruah, Rinku Bodo, Sumir Dewri Damlong
Costume : Rimjhim Deka
Make Up : Tibra Jyoti Boiragi
Make Up Asst. : Ranjan Dutta
Still Photography : Sudipta Sagar Kalita
Online Editing : Hiranya Jyoti Das, Pratim Lama
Calligraphy : Dharmajyoti Baruah
Official Website : Chetan Deka